Personalised candles are better option for baptism?

Personalised candles are better option for baptism?

Baptism is a Christian rite and a sacrament of God. It is a church tradition wherein the person to be baptized is submerged into the water or the water is poured to him while he’s on his knees. Baptism is one of the highlight of any Christian child because it signifies the child purified by God. Since baptism is a tradition and one the best part of a being a Christian child, preparations are made special. One of the significant symbols in baptism is the candle. Candle represents light so the child will be guided and never travel into the shadows. Nowadays, baptism candles are made special because of companies offering custom-made candles. Personalised candles are exceptional because it can be whatever design you want that would match the theme of your occasion. It is also a perfect gift that would forever be remembered by those people who witnessed the certain the event. Custom-made candles can also serve as a decoration because of its unique form and attractive appearance. It can be used as centre table pieces or simply placed on shelves that will surely draw attention your visitors.

Match the motif

In occasions like baptisms, there is always a motif. In this age and time, parents would want to have an extraordinary baptism for their child because it only happens once. Usually, the colors used are with a lighter and lively shade like pink and blue. Personalised candles can match the color you want if you can’t find an ordinary candle that would go with your motif. There are motifs that may are not too simple that is why modified candles can go help you match whatever them you have in mind.

Unique gift

Because of modern technology, people are able to come up with designs like placing your own photo on your birthday cake. With baptism candles, you can add photos on your candles. This is a unique gift for the guests because it is custom-made. The picture and the details printed on the candle will serve as a remembrance for that special event. Custom-made candles are not only ideal for baptisms but with other special events as well like commemorating the death of a loved one or weddings.

Special decoration

Candles are commonly used for special and intimate dinners but not usually used as centre pieces for baptismal celebrations. But because of personalised candles, it is now used as decors. Ordinary candles are not as attractive as custom-made because special features are added to the candles. It can have a picture and special characters and prints that are all about the child’s baptism. Baptism candles should be extra special because it is a significant symbol during the event.

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